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Buchan Caves

Bukkan Munji

(Buchan caves)

 Krauatungalung/Gunai Country

Geographical Information

Buchan Caves is the largest cave system in Victoria.  It lies 4 hours east of Melbourne in East Gippsland.  The limestone caves showcase magnificent stalactite and stalagmite forms, pillars, shawls and rim pools, as well as cave sediment and a flowing stream.  They have a total length of between 3 and 4 kilometres and six entrances.[1]

The limestone rock at Buchan was laid down during the Devonian period about 300 – 400 million years ago. At the time, the sea covered this area of East Gippsland which was alive with shellfish and coral. Their remains were deposited in layers and over the years compacted to form limestone. The caves were formed by solution of the limestone.[2]

First Peoples Information

Buchan Caves were traditionally an important meeting place for the First Nation people.  The area connects to the high country and was a place of refuge during the seasonal migrations to and from the  mountains, where they would go to chase the Bogong Moth and other food sources.  Although Gunaikurnai people did not traditionally venture very deep into the limestone caves, there is evidence going back more than 18 000 years of the important role they played, including burials in the caves and ceremonial rings all through the Buchan area.[3]

There many stories about the wicked and mischievous Nyols which lived in the caves below the earth. Tribal memories of that time may be detected in the story which concerns a group of children who inhabited this area when there was known to be a land south of Gippsland where there is now sea (ie Tasmania).  When playing they found a sacred object which they took home and, against traditional law, showed to the women.  Immediately the earth crumbled away and it was all water and many people were drowned.[4]

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