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Burleigh Heads


(Burleigh Headland) 

Yugembeh Country

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Geographical Information 

Burleigh Headland is a cape jutting into the Coral Sea at the northern mouth of Tallebudgera Creek on the Gold Coast.  Rising to a height of 80 metres, Burleigh Head is a prominent local landmark.  The area of Burleigh Heads was formed between 20 and 23 million years ago from molten lava due to numerous eruptions of the Tweed Volcano.  Flowing lava reached the shore in the area to form Burleigh Headland and Point Danger.[1],_Queensland

First Nations Information

 The Indigenous tribe were known as the Kombumerrri clan, who named the area ‘Jellurgal’ meaning bees nest.[2],_Queensland A dreaming story tells of a creation being climbing a tree at the site of Mt Lindesay and after collecting honey from a hive he turned back to the beach to wash off the sticky nectar. As he washed his hands bits of honeycomb floated away creating Jellurgal and other headlands down the coast.[3]Stella Weildon – 2018 -

Click external link below to hear what Jellurgal means to the local Kombumerri Elders and First Nations Community.  (Arrow back to this page when complete.)

Click external link below to book a guided tour of Jellurgal with a local First Nations guide. (Arrow back to this page when complete.)


 Suggested Opening Ritual

Intuitively find your way to a quiet place on the headland. Trust where you feel drawn to.  If you are visiting virtually follow your imagination to a place.  Take the following items as offerings to the elements of the sacred site. 

FIRE/ETHER – candle (light this just before you say the invocation below)

AIR – natural incense or smudge stick (wave this around your body to cleanse you and the space)

WATER – bowl/cup of water (pour some water into your small bowl)

EARTH – crystal, rock or flowers (place these beside the above items)

Sit these items before you or in the centre of your group circle.   

Buried Treasure Invocation

Beloved Burleigh Headland/Jellurgal,
We sit before you with the same respect that we would offer a wise sage and we are in reverence of your power and wisdom. We offer our respect to the First People of this land and honour the Elders and Ancestors who are guardians of this site.  We honour the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. I ask you to please help guide us to heal and elevate our Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. We are open to observe your wisdom and listen deeply for your guidance to raise our consciousness and the consciousness of the whole community. Thank you 


Guided Meditation

FOR ADULTS – Listen to the meditation below and then sit in silence for a minimum of 10 mins after deeply listening.

FOR KIDS – The most powerful meditation for kids is to draw/sketch what they can see. You may also want to ask them what they can hear, taste, smell and feel as they were drawing.

Journal/Contemplation Questions 


What are some areas of life that your mind always tries to know everything and figure things out?

What magic could be available to you when you stop trying to know or understand everything and surrender to not knowing?

How comfortable are you with the mystery of life?

What wisdom does the headland have for you today?


Invite them to close their eyes and listen with their heart to the headland. What message does it have for them today? If they can’t yet write add their answer to the back of their drawing or your journal and remind them during the week. You may also wish to create a booklet as they visit more sites.



Suggested Closing Ritual

 Offer some words of thanks to Burleigh Headland/Jellurgal and commit to tune into its energy during the next few days as you integrate any shifts. When you are ready to leave the headland blow out the candle and pour the water onto Mother Earth in gratitude. Take all of your items/rubbish with you as you leave with no trace.

Daily Practice

I invite you to continue your connection with the headland and deepen your insights and inspiration by sitting in silence outside for a minimum of 10 minutes everyday until you visit your next Buried Treasure site.  Often the impact of visiting a sacred site is revealed in deeper ways in the days after.  You may also wish to hold the crystal that you took to the site during your meditation to absorb its energy.

Environmental Support

Would you love to join a local action group who are working to preserve the environment and stop developments around Burleigh Headland?  Click external link below to hear more and offer your support. (Arrow back to this page when complete.)


Complete the Circuit

The real power of the Buried Treasure adventure comes from an accumulated affect which creates a transformational wave as you adventure to meet the entire ‘family’ of sacred sites in your city/area.  I invite you to get out your diary, invite some friends and book in a date to visit the next site in the Gold Coast/Byron Bay Circuit. 

We’d love to see your photos and hear of your adventures. Tag us at @buriedtreasuremeditations and use hashtag #buriedtreasure.  You can also add a comment below to share your experience with fellow adventurers.


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