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Cape Otway

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(Cape Otway)

Gadubanud Country

Geographical Information

Cape Otway is situated at the southern tip of Victoria’s western coast, where the Southern Ocean meets Bass Strait.  It is part of the lower Albian Eumeralla Formation deposited within an extensional rift valley formed between Australia and Antarctica. 

Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation, particularly from the Dinosaur Cove just west of Cape Otway.[1]

252 million years ago, you could have walked from Cape Otway, through Tasmania, across Antarctica, all the way to southern Africa in the giant land mass called Pangea.

By 201 million years ago tectonic forces had begun to split the supercontinent in two – leaving Australia as part of Gondwana in the south.[2]

First Peoples Information

Bangerak is said to mean ‘knee of sand’ and refers to the stabilised dunes that make up the cape.[3] … Continue reading  The Gadubanud people known as the “King Parrot People”, occupied the rainforest plateau and rugged coastline of Cape Otway.  

The Gadubanud diet was rich and varied: ‘The many middens along the coast show fragments of turban shells, abalone, periwinkle, elephant fish, chiton, beaked mussel and limpets. It is known that seals, Cape Barren Geese, eels and ducks were also eaten, along with local spinach, tubers and berries.[4] 

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First Nations Musical Inspiration

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Black Crow by Waak Waak Djungi

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Environmental Support

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