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Lake Tyers

Bung Yarnda

(Lake Tyers)

Gunai Country

Geographical Information

Lake Tyers lies 10kms east of the town of Lakes Entrance and just over 4 hours from the city of Melbourne. 

Surrounded by forest, Lake Tyers is one of the most picturesque of the Gippsland Lakes. Covering an area of about 16 square kilometres, it is the smallest lake and is not connected to any other lake or river.

According to geologists, Lake Tyers is a buried river created in the last Ice Age about 10000 years ago. As ice caps and glaciers melted and flowed to the sea, the river disappeared under the rising water and a lake was created.  Gradually great sand dunes formed, cutting the lake off from the sea. The edges of the newly-formed lake followed the curves of the hillsides, creating wavy fingers of land that protruded into the water. The largest protrusion is the peninsula that forms the Aboriginal reserve in the heart of the Lake Tyers Forest Park.[1] 

First Nations Information

According to Gunai legend, Narkabungdha, the sea, was tired from playing with fish, rushing over rocks and rolling backwards and forwards on the sand. He searched the coast for somewhere to rest. At last he found a quiet place with tall gum trees for shade and soft earth to lie on. Narkabungdha lay down to sleep. He wriggled down into the soft sand, turning his body this way and that until he was comfortable. This place became Bung Yarnda or Big Waters, a place where Narkabungdha still rests among the trees.[2]

Aboriginal people from a number of other Victorian missions were relocated to a mission at Lake Tyers. In 1971, under the Aboriginal Lands Act (1970), 4,000 acres of Lake Tyers Reserve were handed over to the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust. The Trust was made up of the Reserve residents and functions to this day.[3]

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Environmental Support

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