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Legend Rock


Tatungooloong (Gurnai) Country

Geographical Information

Metung is 314 kilometres east of Melbourne. It is on a small peninsula 31 kilometres south-east of Bairnsdale, separating Lake King and Bancroft Bay on the Gippsland Lakes.  It is a tranquil fishing village that offers an abundance of fish life.  The Metung peninsula contains a series of ridges and valleys with a generous cover of native vegetation. Views from Metung to the lakes are beautiful.[1]

First Nations Information

The Legend Rock, an important part of Gunaikurnai mythology, lies in shallow water by the shore of Bancroft Bay, opposite the Metung Yacht Club in Tatungooloong Country. 

The Legend Rocks hold great spiritual value to the Gunaikurnai people and the dreaming story serves as a great legend for its people to remember the laws of the land.

There were originally three rocks in the formation at Metung. Unfortunately two were destroyed during road construction along the shore of Bancroft Bay in the 1960s.  The last rock was preserved when community members and Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative had an injunction issued.  The Legend Rock continues to be protected under the Heritage Act of Victoria.[2] 

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First Nations Musical Inspiration

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Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd

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Environmental Support

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