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Mt Ellery


(Mt Ellery)

Gunai Country

Geographical Information

Mount Ellery, with an elevation of 1,280 metres, is a mountain that is part of the Errinundra Plateau, located in the East Gippsland region of Victoria. The summit of Mount Ellery is capped with giant granite tors.  

The type of granite is known to geologists as Ellery Granodiorite and is dated at Lower Devonian in age.  It lies either side of the Kuark Fault and is bisected by the Goolenggok Fault. [1] 

Mount Ellery is the summit end-point for the proposed Sea to Summit walk in East Gippsland. 

First Peoples Information

There was this big snake. Djidjigan, the Rainbow Serpent. He was huge, ngarandyil. He moved across the country making the valleys and hills, manan, marru, everything, he cut them with his tail, wirruk.  He came across the plains near Canberra, he came past Kosciuszko, he wound his way up Mount Goongerah and he lay his eggs there, big eggs, still here look all these big ones, the kooralmanbuyal, the serpent’s eggs. Special country there.

He followed the Bundian Way along, he was on the Boorai, looking, looking for country, he was dunangngunladyan all the way. He went all the way, way past that Wilson’s Promontory and when he finished his head, his duduk, was at Port Melbourne, right there near the Bay. He went everywhere.

Old people told me that story when they looked after me when I was a little kid. I still come up here to Mount Goongerah to see these buyal, these eggs. Goongerah country. I still dream about that snake.

By Clayton Harrison – Bidwal[2]

Guided Meditation

First Nations Musical Inspiration

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Gopuru by Gurrumul

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