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Mudjimba Island

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(Mudjimba Island) 

Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) Country

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Geographical Information

Mudjimba Island sits just off the coastline of Mudjimba, a coastal-urban area between Coolum Beach and Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast and is 100kms north of Brisbane.   The total area covered by the island is 1.1 hectares and it is surrounded by a wave cut platform which extends out to a rocky reef. 

The island was formed between 32 to 22 million years ago during the Paleogene Period, though the creation was something extremely violent and in no way something done overnight. Its formation started alongside the more famous Glasshouse Mountains which are scattered across the coastal plains.[1]

First Peoples’ Information

There are two Dreaming Stories attached to Mudjimba Island.  One tells of Mudjimba Island being the head that was chopped off from the warrior Kulum (Mt Coolum). [2] 

Another story tells of two women who travelled up from Bribie Island, they walked across to the island on a giant fallen Bunya tree that was washed away.  They were then stranded on the island and lived there. From the coast the locals could only ever see one woman so it became known as  Old Woman Island. 

The external link below has 4 audio stories told by Kabi Kabi Man, Brent Miller.  Click on story no 2 and 4 to hear the Mudjimba Island Dreaming Stories. (arrow back to this page when complete)

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Suggested Opening Ritual

Intuitively find your way to a quiet place where you can see the island. Trust where you feel drawn to. If you are visiting virtually follow your imagination to a place. Take the following items as offerings to the elements of the sacred site.

FIRE/ETHER – candle (light this just before you say the invocation below)

AIR – natural incense or smudge stick (wave this around your body to cleanse you and the space)

WATER – bowl/cup of water (pour some water into your small bowl)

EARTH – crystal, rock or flowers (place these beside the above items)

Sit these items before you or in the centre of your group circle.

Buried Treasure Invocation 

Beloved Mudjimba,
We sit before you… here and now… between the Earth and Sky.  We open our hearts in respect of your wisdom… like a Wise Sage and our Earthly Mother. We offer our respect to the First People and honour the Elders and Ancestors who are guardians of this land.  We tune into the infinite power that lies in our bones, our blood, our breath and our spirit.  We open our eyes to see beyond what we have seen before.  We open our ears to hear what we could not hear before.  We open our hearts to feel what we could not feel before.  Thank you for your love and healing. 
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Guided Meditation

FOR ADULTS – Listen to the meditation below and then sit in silence for a minimum of 10 mins after deeply listening.

FOR KIDS – A powerful meditation for kids is to draw/sketch what they can see. You may also want to ask them what they can hear, taste, smell and feel as they are drawing.

Journal/Contemplation Questions


What is your biggest wound that has been triggered lately in your life?

What does that wound crave?

How can you more deeply nourish this wound?

What wisdom does the island have for you today? Trust what arises.


Invite them to close their eyes and listen with their heart to the island. What message does it have for them today? If they can’t yet write add their answer to the back of their drawing or your journal and remind them during the week. You may also wish to create a booklet as they visit more sites.

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Suggested Closing Ritual

Offer some words of thanks to Mudjimba and commit to tune into its energy during the next few days as you integrate any shifts. When you are ready to leave, blow out the candle and pour the water onto Mother Earth in gratitude. Take all of your items/rubbish with you as you leave only footprints.

Daily Practice

I invite you to continue your connection with the location and deepen your insights and inspiration by sitting in silence outside for a minimum of 10 minutes everyday until you visit your next Buried Treasure site. Often the impact of visiting a sacred site is revealed in deeper ways in the days after. You may also wish to hold the crystal that you took to the site during your meditation to absorb its energy.

Environmental Support

Would you love to join a local action group who protect and preserve the natural environment?  Click external link below to hear more and offer your support. (arrow back to this page when complete)

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Complete the Circuit

The real power of the Buried Treasure adventure comes from an accumulated affect which creates a transformational wave as you adventure to meet the entire ‘family’ of sacred sites in your city/area. I invite you to get out your diary, invite some friends and book in a date to visit the next site in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Circuit.

We’d love to see your photos and hear of your adventures. Tag us at @buriedtreasuremeditations on Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #buriedtreasure. You can also share your highlights of visiting this location by commenting below.

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