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Port Albert

Tarra Warackel

(Port Albert)

Bratauluang (Gurnaikurnai) Country

Geographical Information

Port Albert is a coastal town, 236 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.  Port Albert was one of the earliest ports established in Victoria. In the mid 1800s it was the supply port for Gippsland’s pioneers before the completion of the Melbourne-Sale railway in 1878. It has harboured ships from Europe and America and welcome been the welcome point to thousands of Chinese on their way to the goldfields. [1]

The Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert is the largest water area of the five Gippsland Ports.  The Port can be accessed by several entrances, with the main channel being into Corner Inlet. The area is subject to strong westerly, southerly and easterly winds and has large tidal fluctuations entering the port.[2]

First Nations Information

The First Nation story of creation starts with Borun, the pelican, who traversed the Country from the mountains in the north to the place called Tarra Warackel in the south.

He traversed the cliffs and mountains and forged his way through the forests. Tap tap tap. He followed the river systems across our Country and created songlines and storylines as he went. Tap tap tap.

He walked on alone and when he got down into the deeper inlets near Tarra Warackel (now known as Port Albert) he put down his canoe and, much to his surprise, there was a woman in it. She was Tuk, the musk duck. Borun was very happy to see Tuk, and they married and became the mother and father of the five clans, the creators of Gunaikurnai.

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First Nations Musical Inspiration

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Bandaar by Mitch Tambo

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