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The following are tips to help you to get the most out of your buried treasure adventure…

Sacred Sundays

To really thrive in life it helps significantly to immerse in nature at least weekly… if not daily.  The Buried Treasure movement wants to inspire you and Australian culture at large to go out into nature every Sunday.  Allow it to be a day of rest, rejuvenation as you kneel at the sacred alter of mother nature and listen with your heart to her sermon of wisdom.  

Take yourself, your friends, your family to the next location on the Buried Treasure circuit near you and remember who you are, ignite your power and unleash your truth to ensure you begin each week thriving.  But of course, also trust your intuitive flow and simply go when nature calls you.  


Many of the places on this site are sacred places for the First Nations People.  Just as we have respect when visiting a wise master, a church or a temple, we need to respect the land on which we walk.  As non indigenous Australians, we must respect the culture that has come before us, and listen deeply to their stories.  The Buried Treasure site will direct you to other sites where they have shared their wisdom so you can hear the stories directly from the elders.

It is suggested that you approach the sacred places with a pure heart and a reverent spirit.  Internally ask for permission from the spirit of the land to approach and enter each place and trust your intuition on when and how to visit respectfully.Be open to the beauty and magic of each location as they have the power to revive a thirsty soul.  Ensure not to take any items, damage or pollute the sacred sites in any way to ensure their protection.  This includes taking your rubbish with you.  Treat this magical land with honour and respect like a loving home.

Also please note that I have done my best to include First Nation place names and dreaming stories that have already been shared with the public and have been shared by recognised elders to ensure the highest level of accuracy and cultural appropriateness.  However, in my research I encountered much disagreement between First Nations groups over names and dreaming stories.  When this occurred I have included both.

First Nations names and dreaming stories have been included as I believe it greatly deepens our connection to the land when it is called by its original name and when the appropriate dreaming stories are acknowledged.   



The Buried Treasure Map has been divided into Australian states and regions.  Each region has 20 power places that have been divided into four categories; earth, water, air and fire which relate to our body, emotions, mind and spirit respectively.

You are encouraged to visit the power places in circuit order of earth, water, air and fire.

The circuit order facilitates a transformational wave, however if you wish you can visit them in any order you are intuitively drawn to.  

The process is amplified when you visit the actual places so you are encouraged to get out into nature, however you can also use the photos and meditations to tune into each power place and undertake the circuit virtually. See Circuits below.

Practical Needs

 To each location take with you headphones to listen to the meditation on your phone and a notebook and pen to write down any thoughts and inspiration.  

Emotional Needs

Be aware that the power and energy of the sites combined with the meditations and self inquiry can feel amazing but it also may bring up old energies, unfelt emotions and uncomfortable thoughts for release.  Try not to get caught up in the story of these energies, thoughts and feelings that may be triggered.  Simply breathe and directly experience them from a place of silence to set them free.  Seek the guidance of a therapist or counsellor if you are struggling to simply witness what is moving through.

For those who have done a lot of self inquiry and personal/spiritual development work you may wish to spend time tuning into each location intuitively and guiding your own inquiry beyond the guidance offered on this site. 



The Australian natural world is a beautiful place but it also has its potential dangers.  A few things to be mindful of when venturing out in nature are:

Stay on the paths as it is easy to become disorientated and lost in the bush if you are inexperienced.

Carry a torch when you are heading out in the afternoon, just in case!

Ensure that you carry plenty of food and water to stay hydrated and nourished.

Beware of any cliffs and jagged rocks as it is easy to cut yourself or fall.

In the ocean, look out for flatter rippled surfaces as this is often an outgoing rip current. If caught in one don’t fight against it, swim sideways around it. Where possible swim between the flags.

Check your body at the end of your bush visits for ticks.  They are small crawling insects that embed in your skin. They are usually identified by an itch and are more easily removed with tweezers.

Look out for leeches when the ground is wet.  They are not harmful but will attach to your skin and suck blood until full and then fall off.

Watch out for snakes and look where you put your feet as you walk.  Stomp your feet when walking through long grass to alert any hidden snakes.

In general you will be safe if you are aware, alert and present.





You and the natural world around you are more powerful than you can imagine.  I encourage you to get out there and amongst it with deep respect and experience the majesty and power of our Australian backyard.  Buried Treasure is a circuit of fascination, investigation, activation and transformation… there is no destination!




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