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buried treasure was created by courtney prosser


Hello Fellow Adventurers, I’m Courtney.

I began my career as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in Counselling and Relaxation Therapies.  I worked in the hospital system for a number of years mostly in Oncology and Palliative Care.  It was holding the hands of the dying that inspired me to work in the wellness industry rather than at the disease end of health.

I left the hospital system and opened a private practice working as a Counsellor and Meditation Teacher. I designed a transformational program that addressed the body, mind, emotions and spirit to heal and find peace.  The Buried Treasure circuits are based on this process that creates a transformational wave for deeper lasting change.

My gypsy soul has lead me all over the globe to learn from indigenous healers, shamans, meditation teachers and wise masters.  I’ve spent much of my life feeling called to visit powerful places in nature and I see nature as my most wise teacher and potent healer.

My love and respect for indigenous cultures all over the world comes from seeing how unhealthy our modern, colonial and patriarchal systems are.  I believe the healing of ourselves, our society and our planet relies on us all reconnecting with nature, each other and our own true nature.

No matter where on the globe I have lived, I’ve been intuitively called to visit and meditate at the main natural landmarks and sacred sites that surround a city or town. The main mountains, headlands, rivers, lakes and volcanos that surround a place are like a family of wise sages that hold so much wisdom if we are ready to deeply listen to them. This intuitively led process has allowed my travels around both Australia and the globe to become a sacred activation that has raised my consciousness and continues to heal my life.

Over my 25 year career I have guided hundreds of people to find healing and greater peace in all areas of their life, health, relationships, business and lifestyle… and now through the creation of Buried Treasure, I’ve combined this healing knowledge with the power of visiting sacred sites.

Buried Treasure was created for open-minded families and individuals who value their children’s and their own future to be bright, healthy, loving and are ready to elevate their consciousness.

I walk beside you… forever learning, stumbling, getting back up, growing and healing in my own life adventure.

I’m so happy that you’re here and I wish you a magical and healing adventure in our Australian backyard.