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Sacred Sites

All land is sacred.

However, when energy lines converge, they create an energy node which creates a tremendously powerful place because energy from all different directions from across the globe are being pulled in to one specific site.

Most sacred sites fall on places where communities gather, places of worship and significant land marks. This is why we are naturally drawn to these sites – the energy is restoring, healing and of high vibration.

There are many Sacred Sites across the world, and many are in our own backyard, here in Australia. When we traverse on the land, follow the energy line and spend time contemplating, reflecting and meditating we have the opportunity to find peace, harmony and wholeness within.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. (Click to read the answers.)

There are 15-20 sites around the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast/Byron Bay and Brisbane/Sunshine Coast. 

More locations are on the way!

Click the Treasure Map button below to find a site near you.

Below are suggested instructions on how to connect deeply with each sacred site. However, you can undertake just one or all of the offered steps below depending on how deep you want to go. You are also encouraged to trust your own intuitive flow to both offer respect and receive blessings at each unique site. Trust yourself.

Step 1. INFORMATION – Read/watch the Geographical and First Nations information provided. The night before or the morning of your visit allow you to start energetically tuning into the site.

Step 2. ACTIVATION – Take with you some ritual items to represent the 4 elements in nature…. FIRE/ETHER – candle. AIR – incense, smudge stick or feather. WATER – bowl/cup of water, shell. EARTH – crystal, rock, flowers. Sit these items before you or in the centre of your group circle to amplify your intensions. Read the Buried Treasure invocational prayer provided.

Step 3. CONTEMPLATION – Listen to the guided meditation and then sit in silence. If you are there with kids who will struggle to sit still to meditate, invite them to draw, dance, explore or collect items to make a nature mandala.  Write down your answers to the sites journal/ contemplation questions or discuss them out loud if in a group/family.

Step 4. INTEGRATION – Close your Sacred Site Session by blowing out your candle, pouring out the water as a gift to Mother Earth and offer words of thanks for all that you have received. I recommend to continue your connection with the site by meditating for 10 minutes everyday and continuing to tune into the site visited. Sometimes the greatest insights occur after you’ve left in the days following.

Step 5. TRANSFORMATION – The real power of the Buried Treasure adventure comes from visiting all of the suggested circuit order, which creates a transformational wave as you move through the four elements and meet the entire ‘family’ of sacred sites in your city/area. So book in your next visit. 

You’ll need to experiment with a flow that works for your unique family.  Kids usually love the setting up of the ritual items and the invocation. It is natural for them to see the sites as an ‘alive entity’ and to want to know its original name. Older kids can listen to the meditation with you and you can set younger kids up with drawing the location and then meditate beside them. If they don’t want to draw or play beside you and you don’t get to meditate it’s ok. You can always do the meditation and journal questions when you get home and connect again remotely.  Instead spend some time tuning in as a family to the site with a few moments of listening time and a discussion. Kids can come up with beautiful messages that they hear from the land when they listen with their heart. They also interact with a place through play so go with their flow. If there are two adults you can also take turns meditating while the other hangs out with the kids.  Trust what unfolds during your visit and stay present with any messages or reflections it offers.

Go at your own pace.  If you are travelling or on holidays in an area you may move faster and visit a site every few days. For circuits around your hometown it is suggested to create a weekly ritual of SACRED SUNDAYS and visit a sacred site each week.  This allows for a deep transformation over 4 to 6 months of adventuring. It’s a way of life!

Your First Location is Free to trial.

$7 for Single Location
$77 for Circuit of Locations – 16-20 Locations creating a deep transformational wave.

$327 for Unlimted Access to all locations in Australia.

10% of your payment goes to Rainforest Tree Planting in Australia.

Step 1: Choose your Sacred Site or Circuit by clicking on the Treasure Map activating the Registration page.

Step 2: Complete your registration details and pay online for your location or circuits.

Step 3: Login to the Buried Treasure Membership area to access your sites.

Step 4: Visit the Sacred Site in person or virtually and follow the guidance.
Step 5: Share your highlights and tag us at @buriedtreasuremeditations and use hashtag #buriedtreasure
Step 6: Plan your visit to the next Sacred Site in the Circuit near you to continue your transformation.