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The perfect gift for you or a loved one to take with you out into nature to honour the elements.


FIRE – Buried Treasure Travel Candle – Hand poured in Australia with natural soy wax, cotton wick and Australian Bush natural fragrance.  Travel friendly with wooden lid. Burns for 20 hours.

AIR – Smudge stick – Hand crafted from foraged wild Australian plants, shrubs and trees on the NSW Mid North Coast by an Intuitive Healer who consulted with Elders from the Gumbaynggir Community.  Ingredients – Eucalypt: Cleanses, improves physical health and strengthens the immune system.  She Oak: Shield of protection, nurturing. Tea Tree: Yin and yang balance, cleansing, detoxifying and purifying.

EARTH – Mookaite Tumbled stone crystals– A Grade – Sourced from the Kennedy Ranges in WA. Mookaite has energies that enrich one’s trust and love for Mother Earth and all of her beauty.  It is a nurturing stone that supports us during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. It aids with decision making, especially during difficult times. It encourages creativity and helps us to accept change. Balances Root Chakra

WATER – Scallop Shell – Sustainably sourced from Tasmanian waters. They are raw and have a deep centre making them perfect for butting and holding smudge sticks.   

        – Water Bowl – Robert Gordon Stoneware Bowl. Natural cream and white colours to hold your sacred water. 

EXTRAS – Cork Plate – heat resistant altar plate to safely sit your ritual items upon when out in the elements.

PRICE – $55 

NOTE – Shipping is within Australia only.



buried treasure journal and pen.

 Gift yourself the stylish Buried Treasure medium sized hard cover notebook with woodgrain paper finish.  It has 80 leaves (160 pages) and is made from 70 gsm lined cream paper.  

As a gift with your journal purchase you will receive a free gift of an indigenous ballpoint pen.  

Artwork on the pen – The pen is printed with original Aboriginal artwork by Bidjara artist Sheri Skele. Here is Sheri’s description of the art printed on the pen.  “This painting represent a dream.  I wanted to create the feeling of living in the present whilst still manifesting dreams into fruition.  The palms in the forefront represent the present whilst the palms in the distance are there to create a feeling of what is yet to come. The fairy floss colours and white details symbolise people moving towards their dreams.  This unique piece of culture will add creativity and meaning.”  

100% Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Ethically & sustainably sourced indigenous art

Supports Indigenous employment & training

PRICE – $33

NOTE – Shipping is within Australia only

buried treasure COMPLETE BUNDLE 


The Ultimate Buried Treasure companion set to take with you out into nature and honour the power and wisdom that lies and our land and in your very own heart. Enjoy!
Includes Four Element Ritual Items (Buried Treasure soy candle, smudge stick, scallop shell, mookite crystals, Robert Gorden stonewhare water bowl, cork altar plate), Buried Treasure Journal and Aboriginal artwork inspired pen. 
PRICE – $77
NOTE – Shipping is within Australia only.