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buried treasure ritual bundlE The perfect gift for you or a loved one to take with you out into nature to honour the elements. RITUAL BUNDLE INCLUDES: FIRE – Buried Treasure Travel Candle – Hand poured in Australia with natural soy wax, cotton wick and Australian Bush natural fragrance.  Travel friendly with wooden lid. Burns for 20 … Read more Treasures


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Burning Mountain

Mt Wingin (Burning Mountain) Wanaruah/Wannarua Country Previous Next Geographical Information Burning Mountain, the common name for Mount Wingen, is a hill near Wingen, approximately 224 km north of Sydney.  It takes its name from a smouldering coal seam running underground through the sandstone.[1]  More recent geological studies have shown that Burning Mountain is made of … Read more Burning Mountain

Cape Otway

  Bangerak (Cape Otway) Gadubanud Country Previous Next Geographical Information Cape Otway is situated at the southern tip of Victoria’s western coast, where the Southern Ocean meets Bass Strait.  It is part of the lower Albian Eumeralla Formation deposited within an extensional rift valley formed between Australia and Antarctica.  Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that … Read more Cape Otway

Mt Kosciuszko

    (Mt Kosciuszko)  Country Previous Next Geographical Information   First Peoples Information Click below to watch an episode on Iveiw that shares indigenous knowledge of the high country. Back To Nature Episode – The High Country Guided Meditation First Nations Musical Inspiration Click below to listen or dance to some contempory First Nations music … Read more Mt Kosciuszko

Dight Falls

  Dight Falls Wurundjeri /Boonwurrung Country Previous Next Geographical Information Dights Falls is a weir and rapids on the Yarra River, just downstream of the junction with the Merri Creek. It was originally a natural rock barrier in the Yarra River that was first converted into a weir in the 1840s. The purpose of the … Read more Dight Falls

Mt Donna Buang

  Donne-bu-ang (Mt Donna Buang) Woiwurrung Country Previous Next Geographical Information Mount Donna Buang is a mountain in the southern reaches of the Great Diving Range.  Approximately 80 km from Melbourne with an elevation of 1,250 metres, Mount Donna Buang is the closest snowfeild to Melbourne.[1] Mount Donna Buang is part of a distribution of … Read more Mt Donna Buang